Flow Center - Geo-Flo FLV2 with Grundfos UPS32-140 Variable Speed and UPS26-99 3-Speed Pumps-Inverted DXM1 Profile

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Geo-Flo Two-Pump Pressurized Variable Speed Flow Center with Flo-Link Double O-Ring Connections


  • One Grundfos UPS32-140 Variable Speed Circulating Pump
  • Inverted Profile for units with DXM2 Controls (Climate Master)
  • One Grundfos UPS26-99 3-Speed Circulating Pump
  • 230V, 1PH, 60Hz
  • Cast Iron Pump Volute(s)
  • Composite Cabinet
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation
  • Brass Die Cast 3-Way Spool Valves
  • 1" Flo-Link Double O-Ring Connections

The FL-Series flow center is the most widely-recommended flow center by geothermal equipment manufacturers

Each unit contains:

  • Mounting hardware
  • One set of 1-1/4" fusion x Flo-Link adapters (for loop side)

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