Electrofusion is a method of permanently joining high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe sections using specially designed fittings with built-in electric heating elements. Joining HDPE pipe through electrofusion welding is a safer alternative to butt and socket fusion. The process requires an electrofusion welding machine equipped with bar code scanner and electrode connections. Each electrofusion fitting contains a bar code that is read by the machine to determine welding times. Pipe must be roughed up or scraped before inserting into the fitting. Clamps are often used to hold fittings and pipe throughout the welding process. After electrodes are connected and bar codes are scanned, the machine does the remainder of the work. 

Geo-Hydro Supply carries a number of electrofusion couplings and electrofusion elbows commonly used on jobs. Call us for a complete list of electrofusion fittings, electrofusion tools, and electrofusion welding machines available for purchase. We're happy to assist you!