Flow Centers

Flow Centers are the "heart-beat" of a geothermal system. They consist of one or more circulating pumps tasked with moving water or antifreeze solution through the ground loop piping. As the fluid circulates, it absorbs energy from or rejects energy to the ground surrounding the tubing.

Correct pump sizing is an essential step in geothermal design. Move the solution too slowly, and energy fails to transfer to or from the ground. Over-pump the solution, and precious energy is wasted.

Flow centers fall into two primary categories, pressurized and non-pressurized - sometimes referred to as "atmospheric".

Pressurized flow centers consist of one or more pumps and 3-way valves to open and close the system for flushing and pressurizing. They are connected to geothermal closed-loop systems and require a constant positive pressure for efficient pumping to occur.

Non-Pressurized flow centers use the same pumps as their pressurized counterpart, but include a standing column of fluid in a vessel open to atmospheric pressure. The vessel of fluid provides positive pressure for the pump(s) and continuously purges air that may be trapped in the ground loop system.

Geo-Hydro Supply carries pressurized and non-pressurized flow centers from manufacturers across the geothermal industry.