Geothermal Ground Loop Service Kit

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Geothermal Service Kit for Closed-Loop Piping Systems.  Designed for service technicians, this kit includes all you need to check performance of a geothermal closed loop piping system.

  • Check pressure drop and temperature drop across the coaxial or braze plate heat exchanger through the installed PT Ports (part numbers BPT2, GF-2143 or BPT3).
  • Draw a sample of the loop fluid and verify freeze protection with the alcohol specific hydrometer (for use with alcohols only).
  • Bump the loop pressure with the included Geo-Gooser and a garden hose connected to a water supply.
  • Everything fits securely into padded plastic pistol case.

Kit includes:

  • (1) Geo-Gooser
  • (1) Pressure gauge with pressure gauge probe needle adapter
  • (1) Digital thermometer
  • (1) Alcohol specific hydrometer in protective PVC case (alcohols only)