NP2 PLUS Non-Pressurized Flow Center System

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NP2 PLUS Non-Pressurized Flow Center System

The Next Generation of Non-Pressurized Flow Center

The first generation NP Series flow centers changed the industry with built-in 3-way flush valves, pressure/vacuum relief cap, Flo-Link double O-ring connections, and variable speed options. The NP PLUS provides even more features...

  • 56% larger cap
  • Additional 3-way flushing valve (allows isolation between ground loop and heat pump)
  • Includes ground loop fittings
  • Simplified connections  (designated heat pump and ground loop fittings)
  • Lower installation cost (less cost than the NP series plus the added items)
  • Less labor/faster installation

Includes two (2) Grundfos UPS26-99 (3-speed) circulating pumps

NP Plus Manual


(1) NP PLUS 2 Pump Flow Center (Grundfos UPS26-99 Pumps)

(1) GF-3514 3-Way Insulated Valve Box

(1) GF-2911 Set of 2 Flo-Link Double O-Ring x 1-1/4" Socket Fusion Adapters

(1) Package with Covers, Plugs and Lag Screw

(1) Installation and Operation Manual

Five (5) Year Limited Warranty Residential Class Flow Centers